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Q: Who is Super Glass and why should I go with them?
A: Super Glass has been serving the Bay Area since 1986 and strives to provide the latest in glass products. We have specialists in every aspect of the glass industry, from shower doors, windows, to custom decorative glass. All installations are approved by our engineering team to ensure safety and longevity of the product.
Q: I have a dual pane window and the glass in one of the panels has broken. Only one side of the glass has broken, can I replace just that one glass layer?
A: When a glass in a dual pane window breaks, we have to replace the whole sealed unit. We do not have to replace the entire window, just the panel that is broken.

By replacing the sealed unit, you will avoid any condensation or dust buildup in-between the glass. Refer to our warranty questions regarding insulated glass warranty.
Q: I am tired of dealing with water stains on my shower door, what can I do to prevent such build up on my new shower door?
A: Thanks to the latest in technology, we are able to provide you with a few options to solve this problem. Hard water, heat, humidity and other typical shower conditions can spot, discolor and eventually corrode the surface of normal glass.
We are factory trained and registered dealers of SuperShield and ShowerGuard products.
Q: Will my new shower door leak?
A: All shower doors installed by Super Glass, given normal shower conditions, are guaranteed to not leak.
Q: What type of warranty does Super Glass provide?
A: We provide a One Year Limited Warranty on all of our installations/workmanship. Our shower doors, windows, and wardrobe doors all come with a 3 year to lifetime limited warranty.

Q: I have existing dual pane windows and condensation has built up between some of the glass. Do I have to change the entire window?
A: No, you do not have to change the entire window; we can replace just the glass and not damage your existing frame.

Condensation generally occurs when the seals around the insulated unit have failed. Condensation can also be caused by humidity and indoor/outdoor temperatures.

Q: What can I use to clean my new shower door?
A: Daily (or even occasional) use of a shower enclosure will cause residue build-up on both the glass and aluminum. To maintain the shower enclosure’s shine and clarity, we recommend that all glass and aluminum be wiped down after each use. The best tools to use are a squeegee and a towel.

After the glass is wiped down, it’s best to wipe the aluminum with a towel and touch-up the glass. Occasionally, we recommend you clean the glass with either an alcohol or ammonia based glass cleaner. These cleaners should also be safe for use on the aluminum, but always refer to the label for proper usage.

We do not recommend using abrasive cleaners that can scratch or cause defects to either the glass or aluminum. We only recommend using cleaners that are expressly intended to be used on glass or aluminum.



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